For Groomers

For Groomers

Bee Sharp has a deep love for pets and recognize the special relationship groomers have with their clients.  We seek to enhance your grooming tools with mindfulness towards efficiency and economy.

Clipper Blades

  • Maintained properly, clipper blades can be sharpened 20 times or more!
  • Bee Sharp only removes as much metal as is needed to restore the cutting edge to help the groomer maximize the life of their clipper blades using the Nebraska Blades Big Red machine, the most popular machine on the market.
  • Clipper blades are cleaned, sharpened, adjusted and oiled; lastly they are tested to ensure the blade is operating properly.
  • Blade storage boxes are available for safe transport to and from our shop.
  • We stock spare cutters (steel and ceramic), springs, screws, sockets and blade glides, saving the groomer the cost of replacing blades when one part fails.

Bee Sharp also services Andis and Oster clippers, cleaning the unit thoroughly and replacing worn parts (cords, hinges, blade drives, and more).  We aim to return your items ASAP and have many parts on hand to expedite your clipper’s down time.


Grooming Shears

Bee Sharp sharpens all grooming shears, including convex shears, thinners, chunkers and curved blades.

  • We remove just enough metal in the sharpening process to recreate a sharp edge, extending the lifetime usefulness of your shears.
  • Beveled shears are sharpened on the Wolff Industries Twice-As-Sharp machine.
  • Convex shears are evaluated, disassembled, ride line reestablished on a 4000 grit water stone, edges sharpened and convexed on the Hamaguri flat hone, then reassembled and oiled.
  • All shears are tested for sharpness.